About Us

OKUK frequently breaks stories that have gone on to dominate newspaper pages, we often get stories out there even before broadcasters, delivering real news in real time. The site is the most widely read politics source in England, closely followed in Scotland and media newsrooms.

The OKUK team see themselves as campaigning journalists. Campaigning against political sleaze, corruption and hypocrisy. We don’t believe in objective impartiality nor pretend to it.

Content is the key to the site’s success, original content. Every day we aim to amuse, amaze, anger, entertain inform. If any time you read the site it makes you laugh or angry, or hopefully tells you something you didn’t know before, it has succeeded. Readers come here for tittle-tattle, rumour and gossip. Sure, OKUK sometimes campaigns on serious political issues we think are important, we never forget we’re in the infotainment business. We know it and we love it.

We have a love hate relationship with readers who comment. Sometimes the feeling of absolute power is just too good to resist, particularly if they have spent ages writing an essay of a comment, we just delete ’em. Mainly comments from bores and obsessives get deleted. Off-topic comments sometimes get deleted as well. The comments policy is arbitrary and inconsistent. Bear in mind hundreds of thousands of comments get made every year. There is a vague ad hominem offensiveness level that merits deletion as well, by and large that level is different for public figures than private figures.

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